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Commercial Truck Alignment

Are you scheduling routine wheel alignments for your commercial trucks? In the transportation industry, the two highest operating expenses are fuel and tires, and while fuel consumption can be difficult to control, scheduling routine commercial truck alignments in Anderson, SC can positively impact your costs as a business.

Wheel alignments are designed to realign wheels to a straighter roll position on the road for less roll resistance on the road. Less roll resistance means less friction, and ultimately, better fuel economy, tire life, component wear, and decreased driver fatigue.

At Westar Tire and Alignment, our state-of-the-art wheel alignment equipment quickly and efficiently locates misalignment issues. All computerized wheel balancers are operated by highly trained mechanics. Every commercial truck wheel alignment service begins with a front end alignment and extends to all tandem axles. When tandem axles are misaligned, the truck will usually “thrust” or “scrub,” resulting in a vehicle being pushed out of straight line travel.

Our wheel alignment experts understand all scenarios and symptoms of misalignment on commercial trucks in Clemson, SC. If your drivers are complaining of “fighting” the wheel, or the truck “pulling” to the side, then a commercial truck alignment service is a necessary procedure to counteract these effects of misaligned wheels. Routine commercial truck wheel alignments can help improve irregular tire wear that accumulates over thousands of miles. Typically, we suggest scheduling routine commercial truck alignments in Greenville, SC every 50,000 to 60,000 miles to keep your fleet operating in top conditions.

Let us help you keep your operating costs down and your commercial trucks driving and handling true.

Schedule a commercial truck alignment service with us today.

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